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CAN Controller Area Network is an abbreviation, is the ISO international standardization of serial communication protocol. CAN's performance and reliability has been recognized, and is widely used in industrial automation, marine, medical equipment, industrial equipment and other aspects. 

Compared with the traditional 485 bus, CAN bus has many advantages. The CAN Shield as using MCP2515 CAN controller, TJA1050 CAN transceiver as (similar to 485 in the MAX485 transceiver chip), and provide detailed information and reference library platform, can be installed directly on for Arduino platform CAN communication between the plates, for those who want self-CAN bus students or engineers, is a good choice.

fully supports CAN2.0 protocol specification, the maximum transfer rate of 1Mb / s 2 an indicator LED

- 2 user buttons

- power, receive, send, interrupt indication LED

- 1 an industry standard SUB-D connector

- external expansion UART and IIC interface

- high-speed SPI interface speeds up to 10MHz

- Operating voltage: 4.8V - 5.2V

- Working current: about 30 mA

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Arduino Can Bus Shield V3 MCP2515 TJA1050

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