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Key Features and pin functions
SN65HVD230 can be used at high interference environment. The device has the ability to send and receive good at different rates, its main features are as follows:
Fully compatible with ISO11898 standards;
High input impedance, allowing 120 nodes;
Low current standby mode, the typical current is 370uA;
Signal transfer rate up to 1Mb / s;
Thermal protection, open fail-safe function;
With anti moment interference protection function bus;
Slope control, reduce radio frequency interference (RFI);
Differential receiver with a wide range of anti-common mode interference, electromagnetic interference (EMI) capabilities.
Operating mode and control logic
SN65HVD230 high speed, slope and wait three different modes of operation. Its mode of control can be achieved by control pin Rs. Figure 2 is a SN65HVD230 CAN bus system in a typical application diagram. Can be seen from the figure, CAN controller is connected to the output pin Tx SN65HVD230 data input terminal D, this CAN node can send data transferred to the CAN network; CAN controller and receive pins of Rx and SN65HVD230 R data output terminal coupled for receiving data. Options SN65HVD230 Rs port via jumpers and slope resistance grounded at one end, a way can be achieved through hardware choose 3 modes of operation, in which the slope is 0 ~ 100k resistor potentiometer.


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CAN bus transceiver module 3.3V SN65HVD230 VP230

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