PCB version:

- Mountable PIR
- Connection: 3-pin Header pins
- Connection: 3 terminal connector block
- Connection: 3-pin JST-PH (2.00mm pitch)
- Connection: 3-pin JST-XH (2.54mm pitch)

Informatie (ENG)

This module has high sensitivity, fast response, small static power consumption, small size, easy to install, and is installed.
The lens, the pin header has been soldered, and the power supply is provided without debugging. Can be used for body sensor lights, alarms, security,
Access control on-demand imaging, automatic equipment for agriculture, forestry and mining.

1. The high level time of the output of this product is adjustable, 2.5 seconds to 1 hour, the output time set at the factory. It is 2.5 seconds, and you can change one chip resistor if you need to change it. Please read the resistance value corresponding to the typical delay time. Refer to the relevant form below.
2. Blocking time, 2 seconds, not adjustable.
3. The factory is defined as repeatable trigger and cannot be changed.
4. The supply voltage of this module is 3.3V to 15V, and the limit voltage is 2.8V to 18V.
5. Module output timing is: output high level for 2 seconds after power-on, then go low, enter standby status. If the delay time is changed, the time when the module outputs a high level after power-on will increase accordingly, which can be understood as The startup time after entering the normal working state after the electric power will increase.
6. After installing the photosensitive element, it does not work during the day, work at night, does not contain photosensitive components, and works all day (There are no photodiodes on the module,please purchase separately if needed. Recommended: ordinary F3 photodiode) It is considered that there is no photosensitive element installed.
7. This module is very sensitive, pay attention to the installation position, try to avoid the heat source radiation source (air outlet / direct sunlight)
8. The sensitivity of this module is adjustable, and you need to change a chip resistor. Please read the relevant table below for details. grid.
9. When soldering with 220V ordinary soldering iron, it is necessary to unplug the power supply before welding. It is recommended to use 24V low voltage soldering iron, such as domestic white light 936.
10. If you follow the MCU and connect the lamp, please read the reference circuit diagram below.

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Beweging sensor infrarood mini PIR BT=2.5sec-70min MH-SR602 PCB version

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Beweging sensor infrarood mini PIR BT=2.5sec-70min-MH-SR602

Beweging sensor infrarood mini PIR BT=2.5sec-70min-MH-SR602

Informatie (ENG) This module has high sensitivity, fast response, small sta..

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Tags: Beweging, sensor, infrarood, PIR, MH-SR602, PCB

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