Thermische printer eenvoudig aan te sturen via serieel TTL/UART met ESC commando's, gebruikt thermische rollen van 58mm breed en 4cm in diameter.

o.a. voor gebruik via/met:
- USB Serial stick
- Arduino
- Raspberry Pi

Let er wel op dat een stevige voeding nodig is, uit onze ervaring zeker 3A of meer!

- Testrolletje
- Kabeltjes tbv voeding en communicatie (JST)
- Bevestigingsmateriaal tbv inbouw.

Meer informatie:

Informatie (ENG)

This is a thermal printer like you would find on a cash register or adding machine. It will print simple strings passed to it via TTL serial, bitmap images (poorly) and it can generate several different formats of barcodes. This model can even print QR Codes!

The thermal printer takes 2.25" (58mm) wide thermal paper with a max roll diameter of 1.5" (39mm). Thermal paper is inexpensive and commonly found in most office supply stores in 85ft lengths. You may have to remove some paper from these rolls in order for it to fit into the printer. But, you can always use the excess paper in the printer, since you don't need to have a 'core' in the paper for it to work.

The back panel has 2 3-pin connectors; one for power and one for serial communications. The thermal printer ships with default 19200bps baud rate. If you're using this printer in conjunction with an Arduino, you're going to need to connect it to the "Vin" pin and attach an external power supply, as the printer will draw more current than USB is capable of delivering. We've found that these printers can draw about 1.5A because they need to generate heat, the best supply for the job is our laptop-style power supply (see related products below)

The print head has a rated life of 50km! That means this printer can handle a marathon's distance (~30 miles) of printing before the head hits its rated limit.

Use this printer in any project where you need a hard-copy of the output, or in an art project where you want to keep the output to stick on your fridge, or to build a DIY cash register for your lemonade stand!

- Low-noise direct thermal printing method
- Printer control panel built-in ANK character or GB18030 Chinese character, thoroughly remove the uncommon words of anguish
- Fast printing speed, low noise
- Can support Max.39mm (diameter) paper roll, which is biggest paper roll of the same models.
- Optional serial interface RS232/TTL port
- Rich of graphics / curves / characters print function
- Easy paper loading structure

Printing Method

Thermal Line


8 dots/mm, 384 dots/line

Effective Printing Width


Printing Speed


Character Set


Print Font

8×16,16×16,12×24, 9×24,16×24, 24×24

Self-defined Character



Support bitmap downloading

Paper End Sensor


Overheating Protection




Power Supply




Paper Type

Thermal paper

Paper Width

57.5± 0.5mm

Paper Thickness

0.06 to 0.08mm

Paper Roll Diameter

Max: 30.0mm

Paper Supply Method

Drop-in Easy Loading

Paper Cutting Method


Operating Temp/Humidity


Storage Temp/Humidity

-20-60°C / 10%-90%

Installation Port Size

72.8x73.26 mm

insert depth



Black and beige(Customizable)

Outline Dimension (LxWxH)


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Thermische printer module 58mm Serieel UART TTL 12VDC HS-QR71

  • Productcode: MOD-4003-HSQR71
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