• USB to serial chip CH340C met interne kristal oscillator SOP-16

CH340 is a USB bus conversion chip, it can realize USB to UART interface or USB to printer interface. In serial UART mode, CH340 provides common MODEM liaison signal, used to expand UART interface of computer or upgrade the common serial device to USB bus directly. For more information on USB conversion to printer interface please refer to the manual CH340DS2.

- Full speed USB device interface, compatible with USB V2.0.
- Emulate standard UART interface, used to upgrade the serial peripherals, or expand UART interface via USB bus.
- Original serial applications are totally compatible, without any modification in Windows operation system.
- Hardware full duplex serial UART interface, built-in transmit-receive buffer, supports communication baud rate varies from 50bps to 2Mbps.
- Supports common MODEM liaison signal RTS, DTR, DCD, RI, DSR and CTS.
- Through external level conversion chip provide further RS232, RS485, RS422 interface, etc.|
- CH340R supports IrDA criterion SIR infrared communication, supports baud rate varies from 2400bps to 115200bps.
- Software compatible with CH341, use driver of CH341 directly.
- Support 5V and 3.3V power supply even 3V.
- CH340C, CH340E and CH340B have built-in crystal, no external crystal, CH340B also integrates EEPROM used to configure the serial number, etc.


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USB to serial chip CH340C met interne kristal oscillator SOP-16

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