Dit is een 2e KANS/Vintage artikel/product, en is getest op werking/functionaliteit!

--- GARANTIE 14 dagen na aankoop ---

Getest op Windows XP

  • Features
  • The Sound Blaster SB0200 utilises a EMU10K1X audio processing chip, incorporating EAX audio technologies to provide developers with the option of creating three-dimensional audio environments. This card can determine if a cable for a telephone answering device is connected. The front-panel circuitry detects microphone and headphone connections. The Creative Multi Speaker Surround feature upgrades regular stereo sound into 5.1 channel sound. This peripheral uses DirectSound3D to create positional, 3D audio effects and is compliant with specifications for PCI version 2.1.

  • Support
  • Sound Blaster SB0200 cards support MIDI and host-based MIDI synthesizers. This sound card works with 5.1 analogue speakers. Six-channel digital output is produced with an SPDIF format that processes sound at a maximum of 24 bits at 48 kHz. The SPDIF out allows compressed AC3 passthrough. This unit creates a maximum of 1,024 voices simultaneously. The card has multichannel PCM support for two, four, six or 5.1 speakers and supports WavePCI. This model is capable of stereo virtualisation over headphones.

  • Inputs and Outputs
  • The Sound Blaster SB0200 has three line-level analogue outputs for rear, front and subwoofer or centre speakers. These line-outs operate through stereo connectors on the rear bracket. The rear bracket also has a 4-pole, 3.5mm minijack that serves as an analogue and digital out. The front line-out supports stereo headphones with a load of 32 ohms. Analogue input for CD, auxiliary and telephone answering devices consist of four-pin Molex connectors located on the card. The rear bracket has one stereo jack input for a mono microphone and one stereo jack input for line-level analogue.
Chip / Microcontroller
Connector (MIC-IN)1
Connector (LINE-IN)1
Connector (LINE-OUT)1
Connector (REAR-OUT)1

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Geluidskaart Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! PCI 5.1 Surround Gameport SB0200

  • Merk: Creative Labs
  • Productcode: 2K-UBK-0029-SB0200
  • Beschikbaarheid: Niet op vooraad
  • € 14,76

  • Excl. BTW: € 12,20

Tags: Geluidskaart, Creative Labs, Sound Blaster Live!, PCI, 5.1 Surround, Gameport, SB0200

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